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"I must say, this is the first pepper sauce that I've tasted that is full of rich flavor. The sauce is perfectly made, with a perfect amount of heat! I absolutely love Uncle Yankey's Pepper sauce!"

Kaitlin Anderson

"I love Uncle Yankey's Pepper sauce! All of the exotic flavors and the right amount of heat creates a perfectly made hot sauce. In addition to the great product, Uncle Yankey's staff is professional and provide great customer service. I told them what flavors I like and they suggested the right sauce for my palate."

Mohammed Talat

"I will truly endorse Uncle Yankey's Pepper sauce to anyone, its the best choice in pepper sauce I've tasted. I applaud you for such creativity for your chosen flavors and your labels are very interesting. love the complete setup at your locations. thank you for giving us choices in hot delicious pepper sauce..."

Bill W.

"the grapefruit pepper sauce taste really goof with my chicken and yellow rice, yummy! Can't wait to get the other flavors"

Sharon, NY

"Uncle Yankey's Pepper Sauce is UNMATCHED!! I have tried all the varieties and they are all AMAZING! I cannot decide on a favorite! After having Uncle Yankey's Pepper Sauce, I don't want any other!!

Thomas Peters

"My new favorite condiment is Uncle Yankey's Pepper Sauce. I must say that I am a happy customer. This pepper sauce is top tier for me!"

Gloria Perez

"OMG you have to try this pineapple pepper sauce is the best flavor is the bomb n real Lashing with everything you eat is very addicting let me tell you"


"I genuinely was surprised by the pineapple pepper sauce. It instantly became my favorite pepper sauce over the multiple I have tried over the year. It's just...really good!!! I like the thickness, I love the flavor, I love the price, this stuff is the best! I ligitimately checked the label specifically expecting it to be loaded with sugar and salt or something to make it taste so good, but no, there's none added. It's just really good stuff"

Gabi Bernard

"Love how great the strawberry taste with my food I can't get enough"


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